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How The print is Signed

Every Limited Edition Print purchased from Erik Brede Photography comes with a unique system to sign and tag the print. A signed certificate of authenticity with an integrated security seal, a certificate hologram tamper seal with CoA#, and a signed label to be affixed to the back of the artwork is made for every limited edition sold by Erik Brede Photography.

How does it work?

When you order a genuine limited edition print from Erik Brede Photography, I will start making your CoA document. This document is hand-signed and tagged with a unique security seal. The Seal has a CoA number printed on it, and the same number is printed on the CoA document and another security seal.

The print has to be marked with the other Certificate of Authenticity Seal and the signed label by you, the customer, to be regarded as genuine. The system is designed to protect the security and genuineness of your limited edition artwork and reduce the risk of forgery.

The document and security seal is mailed to the customer as soon as the artwork is delivered and accepted.

In the envelope, you will find the signed CoA-Document, a signed label, the unique security seal and a couple of cotton gloves for use when handling the print. Take care of your print and wear the attached cotton gloves when you handle it.

CoA Tamper

Apply the signed label and the security seal on the backside of your print. Make the seal overlap the label. Your print is now signed and genuine.

why do I sign my print this way?

In the old days, Signing a limited edition print on the front or back by hand was the only right thing to do. This type of signing is not secure and very easy to counterfeit. “Signing” prints using security seals are a common thing to do today, and I combine this with a signed label. I also make a limited edition of 3 types of material; Paper, Brushed Aluminium and Chromogenic print under acrylic glass. A signature direct on the aluminium and the acrylic glass in front using a traditional pen don’t look good and ruin the aesthetic impression. I also want all my prints to be signed the same way. Signing print with a hand-signed label and security seals are a perfect combination of security and flexible regarding the location of the signature.

Read more about my Secure CoA System here.

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