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The Disappearance of the Elephant


Droplet Collision 4



My artwork on display at:

Hyatt Regency LAX, Los Angeles
Hyatt Regency Chicago, Chicago
Novotel Tour Eiffel, Paris
Nemoy Rau, Fishers
Renaissance Tampa Intl Plaza, Tampa
Rhoda Goldman Plaza, San Francisco
Chateau de Candie, Chambéry
Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco
Fluid, Inc, Oakland

Founder Institute NYC, New York
The Refiners, Silicon Valley, San Francisco
Bently Reserve, San Francisco
Yooma, Paris
William Moretz Gallery, Augusta
Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco
Restaurant Le 59, Aix-les-Bains


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Regular Price  490,00 1.590,00
Regular Price  1.590,00

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– Hahnemühle photo Rag 308

5 star

House by the sea

Brede’s beautifully composed nocturnal image of a house perched over the sea has a lingering sense of mystery to it. Interested in surreal imagery, this photgraph touches on the haunting fantasy dream worlds that the Surrealists so fervently pursued.


Artworks from my portfolio can be seen as part of Permanent Collections at the following places

Phoenix Hotel, San Fancisco, USA
Pullmann Hotel, San Francisco, USA
Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, USA
William Moretz Gallery, Augusta, USA
Empress Hotel, La Jolla, USA
Restaurant le 59, Aix-les-Bains, France
Chateau de Candie, Candie, France


Lofotveggen Panorama
Great Belt Fixed Link


Berninis Statue of Angel

“Having seen this statue in person, Erik certainly captures it beautifully. The gray hues in the photo are astonishing.”
Debbie Rugen / Debbie Rugen Designs
One Evening in Rome
“Gorgeous piece that matches the description perfectly!! This piece is just stunning. I’ve been to Rome and this picture almost does the real thing justice. It’s the perfect size and came packaged securely. Shipped in 2 days as well. Easy to hang and just a great addition to my “travel themed” guest room.”
Keri / Carrollton, TX
Illuminati Rome
“This is an incredible viewpoint of the Roman Forum and the Wedding Cake. Something rarely captured in a photo. The colors and details are unbelievable. A great addition to our home.”
The Disappearance of the Elephant – Brushed Aluminium

Wow, what an amazing picture! I love the way the print on the brushed aluminium brings an extraordinary lively look. The Elephant is virtual 3D like when you move around the picture and the light changes and brings new elements to the picture. I am so pleased I invested in this! Great picture, fantastic combination, and a true and sad reminder of the disappearance of the Elephant …

Rune Sivertsen / Norway
Illuminati Rome

Absolutely stunning piece, we are thrilled to have this. The colours are beautiful. It also brings back memories of a wonderful holiday in Rome.

Jane Richards / Oxford, UK
Before the Storm

Beautiful image. Arrived in perfect condition. Erik was very thoughtful in our contact and I am very happy with my purchase!

Marcela Carvalho / Brasil
Erik Brede’s images stir the emotions. His work reads as a full-throated celebration of the natural as well as a subtle critique of man’s place within it. Beyond the narrative of the images, his technique and style are stunning, pulling the viewer into a dramatic and deeply engrossing world.Quote from See Me