Long Term Parking – Multipanel


+Duty/Tax at Custom

  • Color Photograph
  • 150x100cm Quadriptych Print
  • Brushed Aluminium, BUTLERFINISH® Look
  • True Limited Edition of 3
  • Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Complete with mounting system, Ready to hang

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1,000 automobiles from a bygone era were found rusting in a forest in Sweden. The scrapyard was established in the 1950s by two brothers to break down vehicles that had been abandoned by American soldiers leaving Europe after the Second World War. The rusting classic cars including vintage Opels, Fords, Volvos, Buicks, Audis, Saabs, and a Sunbeam litter the natural undergrowth.

This place is a vintage car collector’s dream which has been left to rust and die. The forest has taken over and trees growing around bodywork and moss covering seats and steering wheels. Digitally optimized, layered with textures, and digitally painted.

Multi Panel Print

This is an exclusive High Price Quadriptych print in a limited edition of 3 where the artwork is split into 4 parts. Each Panel is 37,5x100cm Complete with a mounting system, and Ready to hang.


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