Shipping to countries not listed
Can’t find your country in the list of countries I ship to? – No Problem, Just Register With a Shipping Forwarder in the USA or EU

Erik Brede Photography ships directly to more than 50 countries around the world. The shipping is handled by my printing lab (White Wall) and I have no influence on which countries they ship to.

To get your items shipped to countries not listed in my checkout form, you should have the package shipped to a package forwarding service in the EU or USA which will conveniently forward your purchase to where you are located.

I recommend Shipito (USA) or Between Box (France), both boast the lowest rates and it’s easy to use. After you open an account they will give you your own USA or french address, where your artwork will be shipped to.

They will receive the artwork on your behalf, consolidate them then ship it to you using a courier. Furthermore, if you have any issues with placing your order at Erik Brede Photography, they have concierge services that can place your order for you.

After you’ve established your shipping address you’re all set to purchase from my site. The billing address needs to be your correct address corresponding to your credit card information, and your shipping address will be your forwarding address. If you contact me upfront I will do what I can to keep my shipping cost as low as possible since you have to pay the forwarding shipping and import tax to your Shipping Forwarder. Now all you have to do is to place an order.

I have no collaboration with Shipito or Between Box (or any other forwarding services). This is only intended as a suggestion on how we can resolve shipments to countries not covered by my print supplier.

Additional taxes and duties may apply to your international order. I have no control over that.


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