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My purchase of Splash (80x100cm Acrylic Print) brings a big smile to my face every day i look upon it. Its vibrant and alive, its cool.

Paul Bryan / United Kingdom

“Hat Woman”

I just love the Hat Woman (100x80cm Pigment Print). Everyone that comes into my home loves it. You are so talented. There is a smile on my face each time I admire your work. I will continue to follow you and encourage all my friends to do likewise

Judith Rosen / USA

“The Gunner Part 1”

I just love The Gunner Part 1 (40x50cm Acrylic Print). Everyone that comes into my home loves it. You are so talented. There is a smile on my face each time I admire your work. I will continue to follow you and encourage all my friends to do likewise

Judith Rosen / USA

“Is There Anybody Out There?” – Gallery Edition

I recently bought this print in the large size, behind acrylic glass with the black oak frame, and it is just stunning! It looks like it is floating which adds to the surreal nature of the work. I’m incredibly happy with my purchase and I highly recommend buying this particular artwork in this style with the acrylic glass and wooden frame because it matches the flawless professional quality of Erik’s work and makes the print really ‘pop’. I think this piece is worth investing in because every time I look at it, I find new layers and different interpretations. It creates a profoundly calming mood in my bedroom and it’s so unique and so creative; I would go so far as to say it is sublime.

This piece has been compared to Salvador Dali’s work in an article on this site, but I think Erik has created his own style, so, I’m a very happy customer – highly recommended!

Megan Ireland / Hong Kong

“PopArt Girl Part 2”

I recently bought this in the medium size for my home and it brings me SO much joy – I can’t help smiling every time I look at it because it reminds to embrace life 100% every day. Everyone who comes to my place comments on it because it has such a sassy vibe to it.
Everything about purchasing from Erik’s site was very professional right from my initial contact with him.
I’m a new art collector but he put me at ease immediately and after a friendly but very informative chat on his website, I went ahead with that order. I like his secure COA system plus Erik kept me informed of the progress of the order consistently. I was surprised that it arrived so fast, even during the Covid-19 pandemic and everything was professionally packed. The resolution of the print is excellent and I highly recommend this print! I will be buying more prints from Erik.

Megan Ireland / Hong Kong

“The Gunner Part 2”

This piece definitely catches everyone’s attention at my home! It looks fantastic hung on my off-white coloured walls but now I’m considering painting a feature wall in one of the colours from the print to make even more of a statement with it because it’s so contemporary and dynamic! I’ve bought several other prints from this site and I highly recommend buying from here. Although my apartment needs an upgrade to meet the standard of the prints! The service and quality of the prints from Erik Brede Photography is excellent and Erik takes the time to provide personalised, prompt, professional service. I love his secure COA system, and he posts gloves to handle the print with care and avoid damage.
I was so impressed after buying this print and two others for the lounge and dining room, that I decided to buy one of Erik’s surrealist prints, ‘Is There Anybody Out There,’ in the large size behind acrylic glass with a black oak wooden frame for my bedroom. Outstanding in every way!

Megan Ireland / Hong Kong

“Super Girl”

My first purchase from this site included ‘PopArt Girl Part 2’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Gunner Part 2,’ after they caught my attention online. I bought them to cheer me up as I was stuck in Hong Kong during the coronavirus pandemic and 4 months in a small apartment looking at white walls is not healthy.
The minute I saw this photo, I knew it was perfect to brighten up my Hong Kong, high-rise apartment so I bought the medium size to fit my lounge room and it is so vibrant in the space. The print quality is really top notch and it would be be stunning in the large or extra large size if you have space. I highly recommend buying from this site – the service is totally professional and a positive experience.

Megan Ireland / Hong Kong


This purchase was an important one for me, as I had been looking for a particular piece that inspired me for a significant amount of time. It was by accident I came across Erik’s work and I immediately fell in love with his photography!
It can be difficult making a purchase of this nature from the internet, but Erik’s personal touch and professionalism made the transaction very smooth and easy. I was assisted by Erik in choosing the correct frame to display the art and received regular communications. Erik’s passion for his work is evident and this in turn is transferred to the purchaser.

I admit I underestimated just how striking this piece was, and on arrival was simply, ‘blown away……The piece for me, is extremely emotive and I have no doubt I will be purchasing further pieces.

Niki McLees / UK

“Tattoo Girl”

We love this piece! We are delighted to have a gallery of such incredible pieces of work on display for our guests.

Standford Court Hotel / USA

“London Tower Quadriptych”

Really great work,it’s really exceptional to have this piece of art, the reflect of the light on aluminium panels is just eyes catch.

Patrick Vandervoort / Belgium


I wasn’t sure about the BUTLERFINISH Look, I ordered this and one other piece and they look amazing on the brushed aluminium. Everyone that sees say they have never seen anything like them. I have received nothing but compliments and I personally love them.

D.R. Sams / USA

“London Architecture Part 3”, “Looney Tunes City” and “The Gherkin”

My three photographs arrived swiftly and superbly packaged. I am very pleased with them and particularly impressed with the care taken with the Certificates of Authenticity and the inbuilt security measures. I will definitely make further purchases from Erik.

Arthur Stannard / United Kingdom

The Disappearance of the Elephant

Wow, what an amazing picture! I love the way the print on the brushed aluminium brings an extraordinary lively look. The Elephant is virtual 3D like when you move around the picture and the light changes and brings new elements to the picture. I am so pleased I invested in this! Great picture, fantastic combination, and a true and sad reminder of the disappearance of the Elephant …

Rune Sivertsen / Norway

Illuminati Rome

Absolutely stunning piece, we are thrilled to have this. The colours are beautiful. It also brings back memories of a wonderful holiday in Rome.

Jane Richards / Oxford, UK

Vaagakallen in midnight sun

The brushed aluminuim is an attractive manner to display this large panoramic image, giving it a shimmery vibrancy. Sits nicely above my TV.

Niall Ferguson / United Kingdom

Before the Storm

Beautiful image. Arrived in perfect condition. Erik was very thoughtful in our contact and I am very happy with my purchase!

Marcela Carvalho / Brasil

Is There Anybody Out There

My Centerpiece! I purchased this unique print before moving into my apartment. I liked it so much I changed all my living room furniture from oak wood and cream to all black and white – And I absolutely love it! I definitely plan on buying more of Erik Brede’s art. The title itself is mystical in it’s own unique way.

Carol / USA

The Disappearance of the Elephant

This piece is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a great conversation piece because it really has a deep, sensitive message. We are big elephant lovers and huge animal advocates and it goes great with our decor and our “theme” in our home. This piece is definitely worth the money. It makes quite a statement. Save the elephants!!!

Brittany / USA

Illuminati Rome

This is an incredible viewpoint of the Roman Forum and the Wedding Cake. Something rarely captured in a photo. The colors and details are unbelievable. A great addition to our home.

Frank / USA

The Old Wooden Wheel

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I purchased the medium size and I’m glad I did. Not too small. Just the right size for the wall. Also, I love the quality of the print. It works with my new industrial decor for the living room. NO CONS here.

Victoria / USA

Phone Home”

Love this picture. Looks great! Added it to a grouping of other similar photos/prints and it really looks great. The red really pops. The perfect touch of color for my newly painted walls.

Thomas / USA

“Bullet Lips BW”

I purchased Bullet Lips in B&W from Erik. It looks stunning in my office and gets numerous comments from people that like it. Great service and fast delivery from Erik. Would definitely recommend.

Keir / UK

“The Disappearance of the Elephant”

Interested in conceptual approaches to the construction of a photograph, The Norwegian Photo Artist Erik Brede masterfully manipulates the tools of digital transformation to create a picture of an elephant crumbling before our eyes. Conceived as a crumbling edifice, Brede brings to the fore the processes of extinction afflicted upon elephants.

OnGallery / United Kingdom
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