Change in Editions

Reducing the number of prints in my art collection

As part of making my artwork even more attractive, exclusive, unique and rare for buyers, I have decided to drastically reduce the number of available prints. In addition, all medium-sized print on any material is removed from circulation. The new distribution of available prints is as follows:

All Artwork will be produced as an exclusive limited edition with a total of 10 physical works worldwide

Image Size = 80 x 100 cm | ± 32 x 39 inch Edition of 5/1AP | Paper, Aluminium or Acrylic
Image Size = 90 x 113 cm | ± 35 x 45 inch Edition of 2/1AP | Acrylic Gallery Print with Solid Wood Floating Frame
Image Size = 50 x 62 cm | ± 20 x 24 inch Edition of 2/1AP | Pigment Print with Solid Wood Frame
Image Size = 90 x 113 cm | ± 35 x 45 inch Edition of 1/1AP | Unique Gallery Print, Unframed – Only sold at selected galleries

The paper prints have a 5cm white edge to facilitate framing

It will still be possible to order custom-sized artwork for your wall under the available edition, but the size needs to be more than 80cm. Prints smaller than this will only be made as an unsigned, open edition.

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