Exclusive C-Type Prints Under Acrylic Glass

Unique C-Type LightJet Print on Kodak Endura Metallic Pro placed under a high-end acrylic glass giving lots of presence, unbelievable depth and intensified, vibrant colors.
A C-Type (Chromagenic) print is any photographic print that has been exposed using lasers or LEDs rather than a traditional bulb (in a darkroom). The paper is processed in a photographic developer, followed by bleach fix before being washed to remove the processing chemicals much the same as in a traditional analogue darkroom.
The high gloss surface and metallic look of the Kodak Metallic paper (235 g/m²) produce photos with extraordinary optical depth and expressiveness, and the acrylic glass makes the image appear vivid and vibrant in color with an extra sense of depth. The acrylic glass that is used when creating these prints is shatterproof and extremely lightweight making it easy to hang almost anywhere.
The aluminum Dibond backing consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sheets, and the integrated wall-mounts on the back of the picture make it easy to hang it securely.

The following edition is available as acrylic print

Regular Price 3.000,00
Regular Price 3.000,00
Regular Price 3.000,00
Regular Price 3.000,00
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